If you mean how to have Boutique home page instead default one, you should do the following:

1. Set “Fashion” page as default home page in Settings/Reading

2. Set header for boutique in theme options/header

(For top menu Maven Pro is suitable like in our demo. But you can choose any other font too.)

3. Set Max mega menu as primary menu in appearance/menus

4. Font used on the page is Maven Pro, which you set in Theme Options/Typography

5. Edit home page settings https://www.screencast.com/t/xKJyNnRVxb7t

6. Set footer style2 in theme options/footer, https://screencast.com/t/8Rryuv2rFv4t

If you don't have fashion page at all for some reason (if you removed), you can follow this video tutorial to craft the page from scratch https://youtu.be/T-6jjRLMnGI